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Lawn Mowing Services

Planning and installing a lawn is just the first part of a landscape project. Once these areas have been installed, they also have to be maintained well if you want the grass to look good and be healthy. The company that handles landscape maintenance for you, will also provide lawn mowing and maintenance services! Read more about Lawn Mowing Services »

Lawn Maintenance

If you have a lawn space on your property, you know exactly how much time and effort goes into caring for it. The grass has to be mowed regularly and checked for weeds as well. In addition to this, its watering schedule and drainage has to be checked too. These things have to be done with regularity and it’s not something you can manage in a detailed manner! Read more about Lawn Maintenance »

Lawn Care

Grass lawns look very stunning and they lend freshness and a very alive look to the property. However, they also need a lot of care and attention. It’s true that many homeowners mow their lawns on a regular basis, but even the smallest patch of turf needs more than that. The only way you can be assured that the grass stays healthy and looks good, is to hire the services of a professional lawn care company! Read more about Lawn Care »


Landscapes are spaces that add a lot of charm to your home. If they are planned well, it gives you the opportunity to turn them into relaxation zones and entertainment areas. This is why planning the landscaping well will help you use your garden and yard spaces more functionally. The company that you hire to provide you landscaping services, should be able to handle everything from conceptualization and design to material procurement, as well as project management and installation! Read more about Landscaping »

Landscape Design

In this article we will be discussing ‘Landscape Design’. There is no doubt that the design phase of any landscaping project is the most crucial. If you have the best design then your end product will be just what you had envisioned. Seek the assistance of a professional landscape design company for your next project and reap the benefits! Read more about Landscape Design »

Landscaping Company

Hiring the right landscaping company for your next outdoor project is the most important thing to do. This first step can really make or break your project. The last thing you want is a company with no experience and you are left with nothing but troubles with your landscape setting. Talk to us here at Wewerka Professional Landscape Contractors and we will guide you with our experience and knowledge! Read more about Landscape Companies »
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