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Lawn Care

Grass lawns look very stunning and they lend freshness and a very alive look to the property. However, they also need a lot of care and attention. It’s true that many homeowners mow their lawns on a regular basis, but even the smallest patch of turf needs more than that.

Lawn Care Manassas, VA The only way you can be assured that the grass stays healthy and looks good, is to hire the services of a lawn care company. Wewerka Professional Landscape Contractors serves customers across Manassas, Haymarket, Fairfax, Oakton, and Vienna. They provide a variety of landscape and turf care services such as:


Landscapes are a mix of various features and while the masonry elements do need regular maintenance the plantings and trees need extra care. The company you hire for this job should be able to provide you with all-round landscape maintenance solutions. This would include things such as pruning and trimming of bushes and plants, tree trimming, fertilizing all the plants and caring for all the shrubs and flower beds too.

Lawn Mower

A lawn care company will ensure that all the turf on your property is mowed well on a regular basis. They use commercial grade mowers and ensure that the grass is trimmed down to the correct height. They will also ensure that some of the clippings are left in the grass; this acts as organic manure for your lawns. In case the lawn spaces have some odd-shaped spots that can’t be reached by the mower, they will use manual methods to trim the grass. This means your lawn will have a well-manicured look.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn care includes a number of things. While mowing is very important, there are a number of other things that need to be done to keep a lawn healthy and green. While every lawn is different as the soil and grass may be of different varieties, a basic lawn care routine can include aspects such as mowing, de-weeding, pest control, aeration, trimming, fertilizing, seeding and re-sodding etc. The company that handles this job for you will also ensure that the sprinklers are set on the right watering schedule and that the drainage is working as it should.

Lawn Maintenance

The turf in your garden or yard can stay fresh and healthy only when its cared for regularly. Check with your landscape company whether they would be able to provide custom lawn maintenance packages. As part of these services, the company will send their personnel in at the pre-decided intervals to tackle grass care on your residential property. In most instances this lawn care schedule is part of broader landscape maintenance tasks.

Getting your landscape and lawn maintained by experts ensures all the outdoor spaces of your property are functional and attractive. This allows you to enjoy these areas in an optimal way and provides you return on investment. Hiring the services of a company like Wewerka Professional Landscape Contractors assures you get stunning outdoor spaces at very reasonable landscaping cost.

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