Landscape 5

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LandscapeLocated on 17 acres, this home was modeled after an English country manor. The entire property is fenced for security as well as privacy. The curved entry walls are created from hand molded oversized brick and the automatic gates are made of solid wood, fashioned after the owner's childhood home in England. Large evergreens behind the walls pillar the entrance feature while plantings at the base of the walls create a pleasing welcome to the home.

LandscapeA large circular cobblestone entry court enclosed by brick walls was designed at the owner's request. The entry court provides guest parking and its circular design complements the angular lines of the house. The hillside wall and walkways in the foreground and the front porch and balcony of the home help to frame the entry court. The front porch and balcony were designed to reflect the English manor style.

LandscapeWooden decks would not have been appropriate for this house style. The brick in the rear decks and staircases match the color and style of the existing house. Railings were also constructed to match the design of the balconies on the home.

LandscapeA trellis filled with wisteria helps shade the deck from the southern exposure of the sun. Arched entryways below the deck lead to additional outdoor living space that has been waterproofed against inclement weather. Ivy has been espaliered to bring warmth to the bare brick walls. Trees planted on either side of this space create a grass court used for outdoor entertaining. The owners often play bocce, badminton and other outdoor games in this area.