Landscape 4

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LandscapeThis wall completed the entrance to this home as well as separating the front walkway from the street which was in close proximity. By matching the brick with the house, it appeared as if the wall was originally built with the existing structure. Trees, shrubs and flowers added the finishing touch.Landscape

We modified the existing front walkway to create a better flow to the front of the house. Surrounded by plantings, the walkway guides you to the front door, as well as to another stone walkway that directs you to the back of the house.

Upon entering the backyard, birch trees were planted to create a shaded and relaxed sitting area.

LandscapeLandscapeDesigns for some customers can be challenging. An easement running through the backyard did not allow the space needed for a deck. Instead of using wood or composite materials, we constructed a brick balcony that enabled access from the second floor to the flagstone patio. The circular design added a distinctive characteristic to the landscape plan.

A spiral staircase accents the balcony's round shape, while a flagstone patio with a brick border offers a place for relaxing or entertaining. Entryways underneath the balcony lead to a storage space created for the customer, hidden from view. Iron railings and steps add elegance to the structure.