Landscape 3

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LandscapeOur designs incorporate the personal likes of our customers, as well as the existing plan of their home. In this particular design, a bold statement was made by adding a focal point to the front entrance of the house. This stunning fountain, surrounded by blooming flowers, gave the homeowner just what they desired.

LandscapeBeyond the centerpiece created by the fountain, we developed lush courtyards that were enclosed with brick walls that match the color and style of the existing house. The black iron railings added a simple touch of elegance.

Iron railings accent a deck that extends along the entire rear of the house. A small courtyard of trees and plantings invite you into the backyard. A flagstone walkway with a brick border follows the deck making it possible to enter and exit the backyard from either side of the house.

LandscapeUpon leaving the backyard, we created practical, yet distinctive steps surrounded by shrubs and flowers. The homeowner added their personal touch with small statues.Landscape

Desiring to continue the landscape around the entire property, the side yards were designed and developed, just as the rest of the site. Plantings, statues and ample courtyards provide more enjoyment.