Landscape 2

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LandscapeLandscapeBy removing the tree that was blocking the view of the house, this front entrance went from hidden to inviting. Groundcovers, flowers and shrubs helped make it more pleasant and appealing.

A brick wall and low plantings guide you to the front door of the house on a simple, yet attractive flagstone walkway.

Trying to relax on a patio and enjoy some peace and quiet is difficult on a busy street. To create privacy, trees were planted around the patio. Using the shape of the existing sidewalk, we curved the tree line and fence to match the contour.

LandscapeNow that we created seclusion from the busy street, we needed to find a way to create privacy for the customer between their home and neighboring homes.

LandscapeTo achieve the privacy the homeowner desired, a pergola and trellis were designed. Adjoining the flagstone patio, a wooden deck was constructed beneath the pergola. Once the structure was completed, climbing hydrangea was planted behind the trellis to create additional privacy, as well as an attractive entryway to the rear of the house.