Landscape 1

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LandscapeLandscapeWorking in conjunction with a remodeling contractor, this backyard was changed dramatically. We built a new balcony with iron railings and a pergola that gives an extra added touch of detail. With pathways, plantings and lighting, this has now become an enjoyable and relaxing outdoor living space.

The curved pergola matches the exterior siding, providing shade as well as a unique architectural feature. It extends along the entire rear of the house, mounted on a flagstone patio with a brick border.

LandscapeIron is an excellent way to create a railing for several reasons. When powder coated, it is durable and lasts longer than your standard wood railings. But most importantly, it is subtle and appealing. As you sit on your balcony, it enables you to look beyond the railing and enjoy the beauty of your landscape.

LandscapeOur customer expressed the desire to have a water feature within their landscape. In this particular backyard, there were two existing mill stones that were unable to be moved. They were incorporated into the landscape as the centerpiece of two patios. The request for a water feature was accomplished through a lily pond constructed around one of the patios to create a central peninsula that is a soothing and tranquil sitting area. Gravel walkways, a wooden bridge and some simple plantings made this undesirable backyard become the ideal outdoor living space.